Silk Pillowcase Set - Dark Logwood
Silk Pillowcase Set - Dark Logwood

Silk Pillowcase Set - Dark Logwood

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Sleeping on silk may be the best investment you can make!

One-of-a-kind silk Pillowcase Set of two. Hand sewn with French seams and a interior pocket to prevent pillow from slipping out. Original handmade label of artist in interior. Hand dyed with logwood dye bath several times to get a deep rich purple. 

Benefits of sleeping on silk: Silk is incredible for skin and hair health. It is rich in amino acids, meaning it won't rob your skin and hair of moisture like cotton fabric. Silk also has a soft smooth surface and won't cause hair breakage, and it feels great on skin. Silk also naturally temperature regulates, so your pillow will never feel too hot or too cold. 

Benefits of Botanical Dyes: Healthier for your skin (largest organ in your body) and the environment; as synthetic dyes are full of toxins. Through the intricate dyeing process the color has been made colourfast, however over time: sunlight, heat, sweat, excessive washing will alter the color. 

Wash/Care: Wash silk pillow cases easily by hand or machine in cold - warm water with preferably gentle detergent. Tumble dry or lay flat out of the sun. Use iron on low. Do not use bleach. 

Silk: 100% Mulberry 19 mommes 

Botanical Dye: Logwood

Size: Standard/Queen